Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EE: The first rule of EE is to talk about EE

I love the environment. I love it so much. It took a long time for me to have any understanding about how the environment is affected by me. That's not mentioning, of course, the impact of humanity on the environment. I don't know if doing this journal online will do anything to save the enviroment compared to a paper journal. However, I think this mode of journaling will be benficial for me as a student who is trying to focus on technology integration.

In this journal about environmental education, I plan on incorporating my love of nature, my outdoor experiences, and way I see that humanity can fix it's current cycle of resource depletion and destruction. My rules for my environmental education journal are:

1. To include at least one picture, video, and/or soundbyte addressing an environmental topic.
2. Incorporate at least seven posts of my own experiences in the environment.
3. Discuss in every post one idea that can be used in my career as a makeshift environmental educator.
4. Create at least five posts talking about the how the environment affected History and create an outline for a lesson plan.

Following these rules, I give to you my thoughts, feelings, and ideas concerning environmental education!

To finish, a video a watched today on food waste!

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