Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disc Golf Series: Standing Rocks Park

So as part of my Environmental Education observations, I have visited a number of Disc Golf Courses in Central Wisconsin to assess them in very rough terms.  These terms will go as follows.

1. Personal Reflections on Experiences.
2. Quality/ Difficulty of Course
3. Environmental Impact.

I welcome you to 
My first stop in the disc golf series was Standing Rocks Park in Plover,WI. As a resident (and season pass holder) at Standing Rocks, I can say with no doubt that it is superior to all other courses in a fifty mile radius. I have been playing Standing Rocks since 2007. What was at first a 19 hole adventure that had no real defined beginning became a 3-loop disc extravaganza for anyone looking for a quick nine to an all day disc fest. 

1. Everything at Standing Rocks is such near perfect. Even the deer stand next to the pin for you to aim at (not that you should). Standing Rocks also doubles as a winter sports area with a very nice lodge on top of being a Disc Golf Park/Mountain Biking Trail. The land is very hilly and is dotted with large rocks all around the course. In short, if you are looking for great Wisconsin Wilderness, your search is over at Standing Rocks. This Portage County maintained park is also home to a great dog area for all you canine lovers. There are many upsides to a day at Standing Rocks. The negatives? You might run into a lot of bugs in the summer and fall times. The Mosquitos can be rough. 10/10

2. This course is difficult. Along with it being one of the best courses in Central Wisconsin, it might also be the most difficult. Many holes are carved out in very narrow gaps that forces the thrower to focus on accuracy. The newest addition, the West Loop, is a prime example that a course can challenge every bit of your ability. Along with 400+ feet holes, many of these long ones have very small paths to the pin. The goal here is to be careful. Hole 8 &9 on the east loop can prove tricky as a steep hill can turn an otherwise good throw into a rolling catastrophe. 9/10

3. The course does not use Cement tees, and all boards are wooden. The crafters of the course did a good job trying to blend in the forest with the course. Not many trees are taken out per year (compared to other courses), but the recent addition of the West Loop meant that more had to be done to make the course usable in regard to Disc Golf. The lodge on site is wood heated and used periodically throughout the year. The lack of asphalt lots helps maintain a better ecology. The park is, however, located at least 7-10 minutes from the Interstate. This driving time can have an impact. It is encouraged that people bike out to the park. This is facilitated by the Tomorrow River trail that runs close to the park. One thing to mention is the large sand mines nearby the park, making the area a very important carbon sink for the local industry and agriculture.  7/10

I almost hit this guy with my drive!

Standing Rocks is quite an excellent experience for just about anyone!  Enjoy the pictures of fall!

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