Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Disc Golf Series: Yulga DGC

Commissioned by the city of Stevens Point in 1999, Yulga is a masterpiece of a disc golf course.

I first played Yulga in 2006 when I was a freshman. I just remember all the trees I hit... oh the trees!

1. I never thought I would be playing Yulga in 2012. This last time I went was two weeks ago right after my wedding on the 6th. I just remember the smell of autumn in the cool morning air. I started the game poorly, but ended pretty well. If you could marry a Disc Golf Course, you would marry Yulga. It's always a little difficult, but it's close by, fun, and pretty clean.

2. This is a professionally made course. The turns are hard but the distances aren't too bad. There are three different "courses" within the 18 hole course. The Red measures about 4,300 feet while the Blue is somewhere around 5,200. White rests somewhere in the middle. The course has a distinct flatness to it. The holes, which are mostly carved out of pine stands, require a really good range of throws. Be prepared to rumble with some trees on this course. 7/10

3.Yulga is a great example of a city helping both tourists and the environment. The course rests right across the street from the Hull Town Hall. The area is building up a sizable subdivided population east of Stevens Point. One reason people started moving out there was because of the higher taxes in Stevens Point and cheaper property values. Now the area is being taken over by roads and houses. Yulga, however, stands apart.The park also rests  on the Green Circle trail. I would love to use the Green Circle for an outdoor education class. Riding bikes, disc golfing and discovering nature would be awesome. I guess everyone has a little gym teacher in them.

I know that Disc Golf courses have upkeep costs and an impact on the environment. There is also vandalism on the course. People leave beer bottles and garbage on the ground as well. It's because of people like that we (society) can't have nice things... no matter what responsible people do, sone douchebag is just going to do whatever he wants. People just disregard other people and object just for their own self-interest.

How do you turn that into a teachable moment? How can you approach the jerks and educate them? Can you educate them? I just wish people wouldn't be so ignorant. Is that too much to ask of my other members of society?

Like, serious, I need to rant about this. What is still up with these climate deniers and these ignorant individuals who drive around in ridiculous vehicles just being polluting turd muffins? Yes, I understand you think you're from the South even though you have Wisconsin licsense plates. I get the fact you feel loyalty to something that doesn't exist anymore and  that thing was one of the last bastions of racism no matter how much you complain about states' rights!! I get it, really. We all like STUPID THINGS.

But could you PLEASE just care? For a little bit? You aren't gay because you care. You aren't a communist because you want to care. You aren't supporting a "nanny state" if you care about what happens to the planet and all the things on it. If you really think preserving the environment is the work of the "nanny state", then you obviously need a nanny.



Oh that's for the...

Park District Trucks? Really??

*Insert foot in mouth*

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