Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving in Park Falls

Thanksgiving was a really relaxing time. My wife and I went to visit her 100-year old grandmother in Park Falls, Wisconsin. I love it in Northern Wisconsin. I spent a lot of summers as a child in Minocqua. The lakes and forests can't be beat.

I worry though. Development in Northern Wisconsin due to tourism seems unstoppable. Some of my favorite places are gone or developed. Even the owners of our rented cabin are gone and their house torn down. Things change...

The food was great. The night of Thanksgiving, my wife's family and I were playing card games. I wanted to go outside for a quick moment. It was about twenty five degrees outside and snowing quite heavily. It was the first good snow of the northwoods! The morning was even more beautiful. I love the trees with snow on them.

I think what it must have been like when grandma Rose was a child. How has the environment changed? How can we do something to positively impact it? I guess I'll just have to EARN a million dollars or something.

But I am Le tired...

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