Friday, December 14, 2012

Disc Golf Series: Big Eau Pleine

I usually don't get a lot of time to visit courses outside of the Stevens Point area.

On another clear, beautiful October day, I visited Big Eau Pleine Disc Golf Course at the Big Eau Pleine County Park just west of Mosinee, WI. I've been here once or twice before.

1. This particular day I did not stay very long. On hole 3, I biffed a throw and managed to lose a brand new disc that was actually being used by my wife at the time. Needless to say, I was a little upset. However, I decided to marvel in the beauty for a while. It was a mild 55 degrees and there was a think layer of freshly fallen leaves on the ground.

2. The course has some very long holes. For an 18 hole course, it certainly is a test of any disc golfer's range and ability. There is a lot of open space and the course is kept up fairly nicely. You can see the Wisconsin River from the first couple holes. This course is constantly being used for tournaments and other events.

3. The course is just one part of a large park complex. Big Eau Pleine has campsites, a beach, a playground, full services bathrooms, and even a ranger station. This park is well managed. I even found a couple guys mowing the lawn. This field is between the disc golf course and the river. You have a really fantasic view of the River and all that is around it. There are a multitude of rodents and birds that hang out all over the place. Though I didn't see many large mammals, I'm sure there are many around.

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