Friday, December 14, 2012

Disc Golf Series: Patch Street

The newest course in Stevens Point is the reopening of the Patch Street course on the south side of Point. However, before I talk about that, I want to speak for a moment about littering.

I HATE PEOPLE WHO LITTER. Ok, we all litter sometimes, but seriously... these next couple of pictures are all pieces of trash I picked up during one outing at Patch Street. This is extreme. I hate to blame it on Punk Kids, but I see a lot of them come out here and just drop stuff. However, the beer cans I can blame squarely on douchey college students. The hard thing is, you can't fix stupid. Then again, it's worth a shot

1.I really like Patch Street course. I've gone out on numerous occassions. This time I went out was around 45 degrees. It was an overcast day and there was no one out at the park at around 10:30am. I like to disc in the mornings. I didn't see too many animals that day, but I you can see a bald eagle everyone once in a while on mcdill pond.

2. The course isn't difficult but it can be particularly challenging. Other than Standing Rocks, Patch is the only course in Central Wisconsin that has good elevation. There are some fun down and uphill shots.

3. Lately, the course itself is doing poorly. People using it for recreation have broken basket rings and chains. Signposts have been torn down and there are no longer any signs. As I mentioned before, there is so much litter of all different kinds. It is really disgusting. Sometimes I think the free rider problem could be solved by punching stupid jerks in the face. That would just solve the problem. But noooo, we have to worry about the constitution... ridiculous!

I get mad when I go out and just see blatant garbage. People are dirty. This is the Boy Scout in me that believes in the Outdoor Code.

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